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If Circus

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IF STEPS Rogier and Mar are artists whose interpret their abstract art in a quite particular way. It has already been three year that they experiment together using their bodies and their instruments. Both together...


AGENDA Festival Circolo (Tilburg, NL) October 2020. Cancelled due Covid.End of residency performance at het Klooster (Breda ,NL) September 2020.End of residency performance at Het Klooster (Breda ,NL) February 2020.Open Stage Poortgebouw (Rotterdam, NL) November2019.Fort...


CONTACT Company Instagram @if.circus Rogier Hornman@rogierhornman(31)646765799rogierhornman@gmail.comhttps://rogierhornman.com/ Mar Olivé@mar_circus(34)644164117mar@marolive-rope.comhttp://marolive-rope.com/
OUR NEW SHOW - SOMEHOW - Selected by the Keep an Eye Foundation as emerging circus project 2020. Somehow you manage to get what you...
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