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  • Selected by the Keep an Eye Foundation as emerging circus project 2020.

Somehow you manage to get what you want, enabling you to play alone and together with others. All the sounds are surrounding you, surrounding the children that are playing around, living inside a net. Who can play and who cannot? How can you appreciate what you already have?We like to share our journey of somehow becoming at peace with what’s already there. A knitted rope, a cello and two performers.


  • Company: IF cia.
  • Show name: SOMEHOW.
  • Show duration: 28 mins
  • Language: Non-verbal
  • Audience age: 6+
  • Artists/Creators: Mar Olivé Nieto (CAT)(knitted rope) & Rogier Hornman (NL)(cello)
  • Music: Rogier Hornman
  • Social media: @IF.circus &


  • Rigging and space: minimum1 hour to build up the pullysistem. A rigging point minimum 4 meter high to hang a rope.
  • Light and sound: Mínimum 2 speakers PA system and 2 lights with tripode.
  • Dramaturgic support: Nikita Maheshwary
  • External eye: Ganna Poppea Veenhuysen
  • Light design: Alexis Bardon
  • Photography credits: Shalom Gramiccioli & Matteo Fiocchetti

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