circus & music



Melic, the knitted rope is the main character of this performance and it is also the name of the piece. The several Melic ropes meet on the scene next to their authors, Shalom and Mar, those four bodies compose a symbiosis talking from their shapes and colors. A dialogue between creating and listening the echo of the movements that Melic produces. An action that transforms into a movement, that vibrates in each interacion.

Melic is willing to share the passion of its own building process, the discovery of their particularities and the essence that defines itself. It is a research from the material which builds the structures (ropes, and more ropes) bringing them to the expression and physicality of knitting. It is the range of possibilities that offers, the resistance and fragility of each one, the textures that contrast them and the rhythm that brings them together.

A trip to the inner world of the material, to feel what lives inside of these objects so special for those who create them (Shalom and Mar). A ritual of preparation allows the dialogue between rope and human bodies when they breathe at the same time. Elements guided by the humans that shared their more valued knitted and crocheted ropes in order to find a meeting point. A place to treat them with delicateness and use them as an artistic discipline.

Knitting, Unknitting, swinging and falling.